Friday, September 2, 2016

Where To Find Makers-on-Hudson This Weekend

What's Your Favorite Camelid? 

(Betcha It's An Alpaca)


Pure, Natural Alpaca Round Rug Or Meditation Mat
Hand crocheted  Alpaca rug, by HuzzahHandmade

Huh? If you're curious about what Camelids are, and you'd like to get up close and personal with one, then you're in luck this Sunday. The Rosehaven Alpaca Festival at Bethel Woods will be overflowing with these lovely, long-necked South American natives. They produce the "fiber of the gods," soft and hypoallergenic, so anyone can wear it. 

Kathryn, of Huzzah! Unique Handmade Wearables, feels right at home at this event. She'll be featuring a wide selection of her hand knit accessories, using only the finest fibers, including alpaca. 

Rustic, Romantic Capelet in Black with Faux Fur Trim
Hand knit capelet/cowl in Alpaca blend with Faux fur by HuzzahHandmade

Autumn is knocking on the door, so it's time to treat yourself to some soft, cushy, hand made accessories. Please don't forget to visit the charming alpacas and touch their incredibly soft noses. Love at first pet!


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