Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thing A Day 2011 - One Participant's Reflection

Thing-a-day is an open space that enables people to get together virtualy and participate in a creative sprint to make one new thing a day and post it to a collective blog space.

The rules for participations are minimal, everyone is encouraged to select a weekly, monthly or daily challenge and theme for themselves and get to work. You can use ant medium as long as your efforts can be reported back on this blog once a day.

Thing-a-day is a place where everyone can imagine, inspire, create, dream, and present work to a group of peers striving to further their practice. The goal is to make creativity a daily ritual and to help create a digital community of like minded and supporting people.

Everyone is welcome. You're free to sign-up, watch, and comment on the work of other fellow participants. All you have to do is commit to yourself and try your best. was first launched as a monthly effort to create an ad-hock community of participants willing to sign up for the four weeks of February. 28 eight days to explore 4 themes, mediums or areas of interests and share it with a group of people who had all committed to the same challenge.

The project's initial inspiration came from the work of Ze Frank, who spent a year posting a daily new piece of original content on his personal website His daily creative endeavor resulted in a all sorts of work. But most importantly, his work brought to the web the long artistic tradition where endurance, perseverance, and hard work as one solid path towards personal, and sometimes professional, fulfillment. Having participated once in such a creative challenge posed by Ze Frank himself in the context of one of his classes at NYU, the (re) creators of this daily thing felt the desire to open up this opportunity to anyone and launched a new iteration of this exercise during the month of February 2007.

An open invitation brought together over a hundred people to sign up for the first iteration of Create-a-thing-a-day. Eighty-nine of those interested, began work on the 1st of February. After 28 days, over 1200 individual posts where created, each one containing an original picture, video, text, or another form of creative act reported by their creators. In 2009, the site moved to Posterous where it is currently hosted.

This edition is the 5th one. And we hope it will be as good as ever!"

Making one thing a day has not been a challenge; remembering to photograph and post each day has been the true challenge for me. For me, I should probably adapt it to 7 things a week.

This is the second year that I have participated and I plan to continue participating in future years, as well. I look for inspiration from books, paintings, blogs, movies, fellow crafters, nature, my kitchen, you name it and I find myself looking at all of these things with a new perspective.

Some of the items that I have created become items in my shop. Some of the items become dinner for my family. Thing a day is not limited to art or crafts, it may also include recipes (quite a bit of bread was made this year), lists, snow sculptures, clothing, etc.

Part of the fun of being a part of the community and sharing ideas and creations. You may subscribe to another participant's thing a day pages and then receive daily update via email showing you what they have posted.

I look forward to more local crafters and artisans participating next year. Hope to see you there.

Also, please check out Becky From GeminiRiverRocks and her thing a day adventure on her personal blog:

Member Spotlight - Reclaimed Designs

Meet Jennifer Strohm whose shop on Etsy is Reclaimed Designs. She grew up in Rockland County and now lives in Rhinebeck.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a RN/ I studied for 2 years at the Philadelphia Academy of fine Arts and took courses in ceramics, painting and drawing at art centers in Philadelphia.

What led you to your current craft?
I became interested in mosaics after finding a book about making “crazy mosaics”. After completing my first project I wanted to mosaic anything that I could get my hands on.

How do you feed your creativity?
I am a constant collector of junk finds; boxes, frames, vintage china, keys, hooks, and scour junk shops, flea markets and garage sales for mosaic materials. I collect craft books and get inspiration from the nature surrounding me here in the Hudson Valley.

How do you work deal with a creative block?
My productivity comes to me in spurts. When I feel blocked, I take some time off, clean my work space, and do not push myself.

Describe your work area.
I have a room in my house with a work table. My space tends to get messy since I always have boxes of china shards, and stacks of dishes. The walls are filled with clippings of inspirational drawings, cards, and photos. There are pillows on the floor since my 2 dogs always lie on the floor as I work. I have a CD player/radio for constant music.

Favorite time of day to work?
Since I work fulltime, I tend to work in the evenings, but any time that I have to make mosaics is my favorite time.

How did you end up on Etsy?
In 2005, I read an article in The Poughkeepsie Journal about etsy. 2 years ago, I set a goal for myself to have enough work to open a shop on etsy.

Any guilty pleasures?
I have to stop myself from collecting too many things as my urge for broken, rusty, vintage finds is never ending.

Words of wisdom for aspiring artists?
I would advise aspiring artists to continue to make what they love and not give into what may be popular, or what you think would sell. Creative blocks do happen. Be adventurous.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vacation - All I ever wanted

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity. ~Author Unknown

Escaping from the snow and cold after such a brutal winter is truly a necessity for those in the Hudson Valley. May these items from some of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team Members inspire your getaways and/or remind you of the getaway, in which you have recently returned from.

Set of 3 Peace sign Sand Greeting Note Cards by InnerSea

Frame - Vacation Memories by NellsBelles

Stairway - Baker Beach - Original Signed, Matted Photograph by JBWPhoto

Meditation notecards, set of 10 by Karmabee

White Shell Long Strand Necklace by Pulp Sushi

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photo Committe on Facebook

The Photo Committee posted our 1st HVNY Monthly Album to FaceBook.
This month's album was created by Laura Currier of  Beaconknits. Thank you Laura!

Check each month for a new album of our members. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook to keep up with all the exciting news about our members.

Remember Members - Share the album with all your fans, family and friends!

Team Treasury Tuesday

HVNY Team Thinking Green

It's All About Layers

Stripes and Solids

Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding Yourself In An Etsy Treasury

I wanted to write a post about Etsy Treasury. I touched upon the benefits of making Etsy Treasuries on my personal blog and wanted to add what I've learned recently from my teammate Hema here. I continue to see sellers asking in the Forums (and in person) "How do I know if I am in a treasury?" In the early days of Etsy, you wouldn't know unless the curator got in touch you through an Etsy convo letting you know about it. Thankfully, there are more user friendly ways to find what treasuries you are in.

Activity Feed : Have I mentioned this is probably my FAVORITE feature on Etsy now? If you check yours obsessively like I do, you will see a message like this...

Picture 1
Thanks Muppetloon!

But say you have so many sellers in your Circle, notifications get buried as fast as a thread in the Promotions Forum. Here's a trick I learned.

Picture 2
Visit the main Treasury page on Etsy and search your User ID. You will get back the results of not only all of the treasuries you made, but other treasuries including your items. If you want, you can alter the results URL to say username and bookmark it. That way, the next time you want to check, you can go directly to your results. I find that I may have to sort it by "Created" date as I still don't quite understand why it sorts itself in the order that it does. So there you have it, happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Member Spotlight - Felt it

This week you get to meet Anne from Felt It, where you can find cute items made from Eco-Felt from clothes, tissue cozies, bags, ornaments and more.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a SAHM of one 3-year-old daughter and an inner city high school teacher currently on child care leave.

What is your professional background?
I have always loved to make things, even as a small child. I have especially loved working with fibers and textiles. My mother has been a quilter for most of my life and always encouraged our creativity and experimentation. "Creative mess is better than idle neatness" is a saying that my mother had posted in her studio throughout my life.

What led you to your current craft?
I have always loved to make things, even as a small child. I have especially loved working with fibers and textiles. My mother has been a quilter for most of my life and always encouraged our creativity and experimentation. "Creative mess is better than idle neatness" is a saying that my mother had posted in her studio throughout my life.

For many years, cross-stitch was a pastime that I enjoyed. When I moved to NYC, my students learned how to crochet in an after school program and I became fascinated by the range of fibers that were available. I am just learning how to crochet now. At the time, I had chosen to take up knitting rather than crochet and was able to teach many of those same students the art of knitting. That process took on a entirely new perspective when a couple of the students wished to learn how to sew. It renewed my passion for sewing that I had originally inherited from my mother, the quilter.

The tissue cozies began as graduation gifts for my students to take to college. Something that I had handmade with a specific meaningful image for each student. The students and parents liked them so much that I was encouraged to extend the project. Felt is also such a comforting textile. It is completely nonthreatening or intimidating for children and adults alike.

How do you feed your creativity?
My creativity is fed through trips to craft shops, fabric stores, yarn shops, libraries, book stores, and the many, many blogs on the web.

When is your favorite time of the day to work?
My favorite time to work is in the morning and/or evening.

How did you end up on Etsy?
It was my husband's suggestion that led me to etsy in 2007 and it had led to so many other opportunities for me professionally and personally.

Other than your supplies & materials, what do you want with you on a stranded island?
If I was trapped on a desert island, I would have to have my ipad (with mifi) that is loaded up with tons of books, music, and mags.

Any guilty pleasures?
Guilty pleasures consist of bad movies...mainstream, campy, heart-breaking, classic, and even trashy. I love to watch them while I am stitching.

So, here I am... experimenting, stitching, and creating new designs, structures, and crafts for myself, for my friends and family, and now for others through my Etsy shop.

Become a fan of Felt It on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Team Treasury Tuesday

'I'm in a New York state of mind' by woolsolution

Some folks like to get awayTake a holiday from the neighbourhoodHop a flight to Miami BeachOr to HollywoodBut I'm taking a GreyhoundOn the Hudson River LineI'm in a New York state of mind

Large Sheffield Hotel S...

Vacancy - Signed, Matte...

NEW Spring 2011 Bliss B...

Forget Me Not Pin

French White Painted Ca...

Lone Bird and His Trees...

A Dream Is A Wish Your ...

Lemon-Lavender Loofah S...

Purple and Cream Big Be...

Heart notecards, set of...

Stunning Abalone Shell ...

House Above the Water M...

White bud vase

Gold Shimmer Slouchy Sh...

A Pair of Framed Origin...

Treasury tool is sponsored by

'Snow is not the only white thing around the Hudson Valley!!' by janum

I love the color white...but this is too much snow for me! Here are other white items made by the Hudson Valley of NY team!

Mustache T-Shirt - Vin...

Minimalist Cutting Boar...

Melted Snowman Ring

White Chocolate Lemon C...

Sudoku - Set of 4 Ceram...

Cream White Felt Pearl ...

Air Force - Cupcake Top...

French White Painted Ca...

Flower Tags (Cream)

White bud vase

White Wedding Dichroic ...

Classic Gold Initial Ne...

Modern Wedding Programs

Throw Pillow - Light Gr...

BELLE-Cream Fabric Rose...

Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

'Hudson Valley sees RED!' by muppetloon

I have worked with this red all over the world - in Japan, California, France, Britain, Australia - a vein running round the earth. It has taught me about the flow, energy and life that connects one place with another.Andy Goldsworthy

Red House

Bountiful Harvest Cutti...

Red Pilsner

Victorian Poetry Neckla...

Blushing Flower Girl Vi...

Red Owl on Dark Brown T...

Polymer Clay Red Rose B...

Tall Bird Pillow

Scarlet Flower Headband

Multicolored Valentine ...

Eco Felt Poppy Headband

Valentine Heart of Mine...

hand knit wool white ha...

HOT Red Glass Ring

Winter Wonderland red l...

Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.