Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding Yourself In An Etsy Treasury

I wanted to write a post about Etsy Treasury. I touched upon the benefits of making Etsy Treasuries on my personal blog and wanted to add what I've learned recently from my teammate Hema here. I continue to see sellers asking in the Forums (and in person) "How do I know if I am in a treasury?" In the early days of Etsy, you wouldn't know unless the curator got in touch you through an Etsy convo letting you know about it. Thankfully, there are more user friendly ways to find what treasuries you are in.

Activity Feed : Have I mentioned this is probably my FAVORITE feature on Etsy now? If you check yours obsessively like I do, you will see a message like this...

Picture 1
Thanks Muppetloon!

But say you have so many sellers in your Circle, notifications get buried as fast as a thread in the Promotions Forum. Here's a trick I learned.

Picture 2
Visit the main Treasury page on Etsy and search your User ID. You will get back the results of not only all of the treasuries you made, but other treasuries including your items. If you want, you can alter the results URL to say username and bookmark it. That way, the next time you want to check, you can go directly to your results. I find that I may have to sort it by "Created" date as I still don't quite understand why it sorts itself in the order that it does. So there you have it, happy treasure hunting!


  1. This does not work for me; I think my user ID
    is a common tag! (Over 4,000 treasuries come up
    when I put in ceruleanblue!)

  2. Oh no! You're right, I just tried it. =(