Thursday, February 3, 2011

Etsy + Hudson Valley = Perfect Match

Later this Spring, Etsy will be opening a new customer service center here in the Hudson Valley located in Hudson, NY at the old Cannonball Factory . In case you don't know much about our beautiful area, a local resident I know did a year in pictures she took of the Hudson Valley and created a blog for it. If you want to see what our neck of the woods looks like, visit this blog, amazing photos!

Hudson Valley is the home to many, many great things. We have Bard, Vassar and Marist colleges, The Fischer Center of Performing Arts designed by Frank Gehry, (some say it look like Darth Vader's summer home)the CIA, lol not the government agency, The Culinary! The Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, many theatres including Bardavon/UPAC Theaters where all the big names like Chris Botti come to play.

Our small villages are the best part though, towns like Red Hook (we always get confused with Brooklyn, but our Red Hook came first though when Henry Hudson sailed the Hudson Bay in 1611), Rhinebeck (where Chelsea Clinton got married), Tivoli, the home of many gifted artisans, Barrytown, Hyde Park, Milan, and Pine Plains.

Hudson Valley's proudest claim to fame is our many, many local farms and restaurants! We supply many of the goods that get shipped down to the farmers markets in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We have the best farms for picking apples, pears, berries, you name it! Hope you all come to our area to visit the new Etsy center when they open for work shops and sample the Best of the Hudson Valley. FYI, you may want to wait until spring, we are currently buried on heaps of snow with more on the way!

By Marie from WiltsieBridgeCS

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  1. This is a great article about our area, the Hudson Valley. We really are fortunate to live in such a unique area. Your article made me think of another reason people come to the Hudson Valley that is so very linked with everything Etsy stands for.

    At one time, another very big draw to our area were resorts that rose up as the result of the beautiful mountain views. Our gorgeous mountains were the inspiration for an art style called the Hudson River School. Thomas Cole, Frederick Church and Asher Durand were some of the main artists of this art movement. Artists from all over the world were drawn to the Hudson Valley in order to witness and paint the outstanding sites of the Hudson Valley.

    It is very appropriate for Etsy to settle in an area filled with a rich history of artistic inspiration.