Thursday, September 13, 2012

Creating Success from the Inside Out - Believe It Is Possible

Lisa from Merry Alchemy is back with part three of her series about creating success from the inside out - today we learn to believe it is possible.

I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction – Ask, Believe, Receive – because of a profound experience I had two years ago.  After several wrong relationships and one failed engagement over the course of my adult life, I was growing disheartened about ever finding a life partner.  I had recently broken up with a long-time boyfriend.  I had one big disappointment on  I was ready to throw in the towel and go become a monk in Tibet.  Then I watched my DVD of The Secret.  I recognized that until I really believed it was possible to find a wonderful man and a great relationship, I would never draw that to me.  So I double downed my efforts and spent a lot of time prepping mentally to accept the right partner into my life.  It may sound cheesy, but I visualized the way I wanted my life to be with this special person in it.  As the experts tell you in The Secret, you need to do more than visualize what you want.  You need to believe you already have it.  That means conjuring up the feelings of happiness and elation that you will experience when you do have what you want.  So I did that, too.  I convinced myself that it was possible for me to find that person.  As a result, I became happier.  Within two months, I met him.  After all the struggles of previous relationships, I finally felt the rightness of a good relationship.    The fact that he lived in New York and I lived in Boston when we met added to the amazement of our meeting.  How did we find each other?  In redoubling my efforts on Match, I accidentally typed in a wrong zip code without realizing it.  A happy accident, yes; but I also think the Universe had something to do with it!  And now Kris and I are getting married this October and are incredibly excited.

That’s why I firmly believe in the law of attraction for all things, not just love.  When it comes to our business or our craft, we can employ these same techniques to obtain the life we want.  Ask, Believe, Receive.  Ask the Universe for what you want.  Believe that it is possible to have what you want.  And then you will receive it. Believing it is possible is the hardest part of this tenet.  But when you believe something is possible, there is no limit to what you can achieve.  I really want to run my jewelry business full-time and receive an income from it that will allow me to quit my day job.  Right now, I’m struggling with believing that it’s possible.  I come from a long line of people who worked long hours to make ends meet working for someone else, so running your own business is a foreign concept.  My challenge now is to employ the same thinking exercises that I did to find love to find success in my business. 

What are the things you want to ask the Universe for that have been difficult for you to believe possible?  What successes have you had that your beliefs helped you to achieve?  How did you get there?

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  1. It sounds so easy to do but it really is a challenge when you're your own worst critic. What I ask for is more patience and the understanding that sometimes things may not happen when I want them for a reason. Thanks Lisa!

  2. great story, Lisa! and congratulations on your upcoming wedding - so exciting! after my divorce from my first husband and then later the ending of another relationship, I decided that I was not looking for anyone; rather I was going to just start doing things that were interesting to me. Oneexample was that I'd always thought I'd like to try backpacking. I saw a class being offered and took advantage of it. In the class I met people with whom I could share that experience and became confident in my abilities.
    My hiking and outdoor activities became part of the story that attracted my husband. staying open to new things and pursuing interests has served m e well.

  3. Becky, what a great story. It's so true that when you do the things that make you happy, it attracts more good things.

    Debi, thanks for reminding me about vision boards. I started doing a digital one and then of course went off to do a million other things and didn't go back to it.

    Here's a link to a cool blog that I found recently and really like. She has a video tutorial on how to use Picassa to make a digital vision board, which you can make as your computer wallpaper - a constant reminder of your goals.