Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meet out New Members! Spring edition

It's that time again: new member time!  I'm pleased to welcome our two new members to the Hudson Valley Etsy Team. They create some truly wonderful things and I hope you'll say hello to them.  Oh, and happy spring!

Glass Pumpkin in Matte Winter Ivory with Dark Amber Stem by LukeGilveyGlass
Luke Gilvey of LukeGilveyGlass works with hand-blown glass in Beacon, NY.  He has a variety of pumpkins and gourds in some really excellent colors, as well as bowls, glasses, ornaments, and even a lovely glass apple.  He even has a coupon code available to celebrate spring. Check out his shop for details.  Welcome to the team!

Deer Hoop Art, Embroidery art, Applique, Floral Animal Silhouette by KitschAndStitchNY
Sarah Grange from KitschAndStitchNY spends her time in Millbrook, NY.  Not only does her shop feature lovely stitching, generally in the form of hoops to hang on your wall, but the kitsch comes into play with her collection of vintage home goods, prints, and other odds and ends.    And to top it all off, she has a collection of cute greeting cards as well.  Glad to have you!

I hope you'll check out their shops and say hello.  Don't forget to shop local and help out your local artisans - they might just be your neighbor! 

Until next time,

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