Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Thank You Card

DIY Thank You Card
from the Hudson Valley Etsy Team

Here's a little Flower Garden thank you card you or the kids can easily make!  Just like those expensive cards you find in stores, it becomes three dimensional when you add your own selection of buttons.  All you need is a printer, glue, card stock paper, invitation size envelopes, buttons, a ruler, and a scissor or other method of paper cutting.  I'm not sure how I collected all these buttons, but lots of crafty people seem to have the same secret stash.  This is one way to make use of them!

Download card design free printable here:


Print out full bleed if you can.  Otherwise the image will be short on the edges.  Cut in half.

Glue on buttons at the top of the stems.  Let dry.  Fold in half, and it's done!

Jody - astudiobythesea.etsy.com


  1. These are so cute, and the PDF is great! Thanks!! =D