Monday, May 19, 2014

Notes On Being a Vendor

The weather on Mother's Day was beautiful, and a perfect day to spend in Cold Spring, NY, as a vendor at Bazaar-On-Hudson.  Bazaar-On-Hudson is a new indoor market of handcrafted items,  that takes place on most Sundays through July, from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Held in a vacant storefront on Main Street in Cold Spring, NY, the bazaar is like a pop-up market, as the vendors change each Sunday.  I was pleased with the space that I was provided, and happy with my table set-up. For once, I had prepared everything that I would need for the show in advance.

Since I was organized, my anxiety level was low. I was anticipating a successful show.
You never can tell how many people will turn out to see the show, or how well you will do as a vendor. The morning started out slow, and by the afternoon, the town was packed with people strolling on Main Street.  Throughout the remainder of the day, groups of people came through the room. Those who walked through seemed more interested in browsing than buying.

Selling and making a profit beyond the table fee is how the success of a show is usually measured, but there is more involved than just making money. A craft fair is like a test market for your wares. You find out if you created something that appeals to the public. You have the opportunity to learn what other artists create, meet interesting people, and get to observe human interactions.

I ended up making a profit, and feeling good about my work. I was given a lot of positive feedback, which filled me with confidence about what I create.

Jenny - Reclaimed Designs

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