Monday, August 6, 2012

Creating Your "About" Page on Etsy

It appears that many Etsy sellers (including on the HV team) are not familiar with this wonderful feature we have to add to our shops to help make it more organic and personal for the customer.  It is the About page - different from your Etsy Profile.

The About page is where you can share more about yourself and your work.  Sellers use this as an opportunity to show who the person behind the shop really is.  You can add links to your blog, Facebook and Twitter, share a nice bio about yourself, and add up to five pictures of whatever you like - it can be an item, your workspace, your family, your favorite pet, anything that helps share with the customer who you are.

You can find a seller's About page by finding the link in the shop in the lower left under "Shop Info", if there is no About page, you'll just see the Policies link. 

To set this up is easy! Just go to Info & Appearance and click the "About" tab. 

Find a nice picture of yourself as your portrait, it's what will appear in the big circle on the right.

Here are some more great examples from some of our members:

For My Sweet Daughter

My Stitch In Time

Yesterday's Silhouette


  1. Great about pages! I am inspired to get to mine!

  2. I'm trying to get mine together. I'm having trouble sizing the photos. Anyone know a simple way to do this in PSE-9?
    The examples used here are inspiring and wonderful!

  3. I'll need to get a couple of photos taken and then will do this - hadn't been aware of this! great article, Marilyn!