Monday, May 2, 2016

Working on Building my Etsy Store

I cannot claim to be an expert in the Etsy experience. I am a long way from my
Etsy Store being a major source of income.
However, this past year I have really worked hard at building
my store's on-line presence. Comparing last years first four
months to this years, my sales are up by 300%.

What I have concentrated on are the usual "Big 3":

1. Photography

Making sure that my photos are well lit and have no distracting backgrounds.
2. Copy

Using key words within the item descriptions. 

3. SEO

Really paying attention to which key words show up in Etsy searches.

I also am Tweeting much more often and posting on Instagram.
I do need to pay more attention to my DiGilio Designs Facebook Page
and my blog. As they say showing up is very important, have a frequent
and regular posting schedule.

I have been encouraged by the growth that I have seen so far this year
and will continue to learn and try to keep improving.

Sue DiGilio

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