Monday, May 9, 2016

In My Studio: Things I am loving this month

I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been loving in this the month of May:

My new Etsy Shop banner made on Canva

1) CANVA: I discovered Canva through recommendations and have been using it to design my new Etsy shop banner, new business cards and instagram posts. Canva is a website that enables you to create all manner of social media posts, etsy banners, facebook icons and also gives you the ability to create an image to your own custom size. It will give many different options to create the image of your choice, loads of different fonts and templates. There are many free templates and some which you can purchase for a couple of dollars. After your image is completed you are able to download it for free and use it whenever you need. It makes creating your shop branding fun and very easy.

Lucky Break Consulting

2) LELA BARKER on Periscope: I have been enjoying Lela Barkers periscopes this month. Lela Barker from Lucky Break Consulting is a business strategist for makers and designers. During May she has been doing a 10 day Periscope marathon talking and answering questions all about wholesale. Whether wholesale is right for you, pricing your products to succeed and pitching to a retailer. All her content is superb, very down to earth and useful if you are thinking of going into the wholesale market. All these periscopes are available to watch free from her website

Some of my labels made on Avery 

3) AVERY: Yes the label people! I have been printing out lots of labels recently for packaging by products and I have discovered the Avery template website is incredible! After you purchase your Avery labels go to this page and input the code for your new labels. Use the website to design your custom labels or use the free templates. You can even download your Canva design. The website will then populate the whole page for you and you can print them out and save them if you might need them again.



4) DEAR SUGAR RADIO: Lastly I have loved been listening to this podcast recently. On this podcast Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed give listeners advice to their varying problems. I love the sensible, empathetic and pragmatic advice they give using their own lives and experiences to help. 

Good Luck and Good Making!


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