Thursday, March 31, 2016

In My Studio: Adding Value

In the last few months I have been working on bringing more value to my Etsy shop. Adding value can increase your sales, increase your chances for return customers, increase your exposure and your chances of being featured on an Etsy blog or on Etsy Finds.

Through my research I have come across some great ways to bring extra value to your shop:

1) Offer customizable products. This one has recently featured alot on Etsy and is a great way for customers to receive truly one off, handmade and unique products.

Secret Message Bracelet by Charms of Faith
2) Step up your packaging game: Great packaging can really add value to your products and inspire return customers. Using photos of your packaging in your listings or in your shop updates can show potential customers exactly what they will be receiving and who wouldn't love to receive a beautifully packaged parcel such as this from Mira's Naturals:

Wonderful packaging on this lip care set by Mira's Naturals

3) In the same way offering a gift wrap option at the checkout can inspire sales that can ship direct to the intended recipient. Again showing the finished gift wrapped parcel in your product photos or in your shop updates:

Gift Wrap option available for my kids products at SO Handmade

4) Adding value through 'extras'. Listening to a periscope the other day from the Merriweather Council, Danielle was talking about discounts. To summarize she advised not to give discounts but rather offer added value to the order- so instead of offering a discount if someone orders 4 of your products, give them an extra one free. This means you do not lose any money at the end of the day but you might secure a nice order and a follower in the process. 

5) Responsible Materials: Another way to increase the value of your products by using responsibly made and/or local suppliers. This could be done by sourcing American-made materials or locally grown/ made materials near to you. Another way is to go the organic route, ensuring supplies are made using non-harmful processes and good working conditions for the manufacturers.  

This can add greatly to your shops story and inspire customers to choose your product over your competitors. Not to mention the impact it will have on the environment and working conditions for the companies you are sourcing from. 
Read this great Etsy blog post for some more information about this.

Good Luck and Good Making!


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