Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Free February Calender Desktop Download

According to North American Indian
tribes the full moon that occurs in February is known as the Snow Moon.
Snow piles very high in this month. Some tribes 
also referred to this moon as the Full Hunger Moon
since hunting was difficult at this time.
Here for your personal use is my interpretation of February's Full Snow Moon.

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Along with Valentines Day, don't forget that this is a leap year, a whimsical tradition dating back at least four centuries holds that leap years allow you wonderful ladies to "propose" to a man, instead of the other way around. The idea being that any man who refused such a proposal owed his spurned suitor a silk gown and a kiss — only if she was wearing a red petticoat at the moment she popped the question.

Happy February!
Sue DiGilio

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