Monday, February 2, 2015

Photographing My Etsy Items

One of my goals this year is to revamp all my photos in my Etsy Store.
I started with my new listings of my 5x5 art squares:

This is a wall in my studio that I hung a white washed shelf on. I chose white/neutral items for this shot to accessorize the art.

Same shelf with vintage glass, I wanted to focus on the blue in this series.

This was all shot with my 'vintage' Canon Power Shot A530 which is only 5.0 mega pixels.
It is all depending on a sunny day and between the hours of 11:00am and 2:00pm otherwise the light isn't there. The only bright enough light available to me in the late afternoon or early evening are the fluorescent lights that are on one side of my studio.

I asked for this light box for Christmas and my son kindly purchased it for me. It is very reasonably priced and nice and compact.

So this evening in order to get this posted I played with it for a bit....taking the photos with my phone.

The room is very dark as you can see.

The two side lamps came with the photo box and I added the clip on one above.

The photo on the left is under the fluorescent lights and the one on the right is in the photo booth.
The glare off the glass is much softer and the overall color is softer and more true.

Again the photo on the left of the vintage Valentine is under the fluorescent lighting and on the right the photo booth. Again the photo booth one has a truer color and softer appearance.

Now I do realize that comparing the two light sources is like comparing apples and oranges, but as far as making a photo shoot more available to me in the evening or on a cloudy day is the benefit for me.

I am excited to start playing around with the photo booth and revamping my store.

Susan - Digilio Designs


  1. The box looks like a fantastic purchase, could you share where your son got it from? I always struggle with lighting my products.

  2. Just click on the the link above and it will take you there. It's from Amazon.

  3. Nice piece and yes it makes quite a difference when you have the right lighting. I can see the differences quite clearly.