Monday, December 15, 2014

In My Studio: Plastic Bag Dispenser Tutorial

In an effort to save some money this holiday season I decided to make all my sons teachers one of these plastic bag dispensers as a 'green' Christmas present. They are quick and easy to make and useful for every household. Here is a tutorial to make your own for gifts or just for yourself!
Three different fabrics in coordinating colors.
One piece of thin elastic 16" long
1) Cut the top piece of fabric A into a rectangle 15" by 18"
2) Cut the middle piece of fabric B into a rectangle 15" by 5"
3) Cut the bottom piece of fabric C into a rectangle 15" by 6"
4) Cut a strip of any of the fabrics (piece D) 2" by 10"

4) Fold over 1/4 " and iron fabric C (along the 15" side).

5) Fold over, iron and pin fabric C again, leaving a hem of half an inch.
6) On the sewing machine hem along this edge.

7) Fold over twice and iron the top of fabric A and sew it down (along the 15" side).

 8) Pin and sew the fabric piece B to the un-hemmed bottom of piece A, right sides together.

9) Pin and sew the fabric piece C onto the bottom of the piece you just sewed, right sides together.

10) Iron the seams open on the reverse side.

11) Take your strip piece D and fold in half along the long edge, right sides together and iron. Sew down the long side and then turn inside out to make the long 'handle'. Over stitch along both edges.

12) Mark the center at the top of the main fabric piece and mark 3 1/2" either side of this center point.

13) Pin the tie at these points to the inside of the main fabric making a loop

14) Sew these down.

15) Take the piece of elastic and attach a safety pin to one end. Thread this through the bottom hem and leave hanging out of both ends.

16) Fold along the middle and pin down the sides (right sides together)

17) Sew down this edge from the top. When you get to the bottom pull the elastic tight (as shown) and continue to sew over the elastic ends. Reverse to make it extra strong

18) Trim the excess of elastic and turn inside out.

19) Hang up and stuff with bags!

Less then 1% of all plastic bags in the US are recycled- help change this frightening statistic

Good Luck and Good Making!

Sarah Omura

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