Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Visit: The Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area

We love living in the Hudson Valley! In addition to sharing the goings-on with the group, we'd like to also share some of our favorite places to visit in the area for fun, inspiration, and exploring.  Today we start with Arwen from Arwen Designs with a visit to The Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area.

Sullivan County is home to thousands of acres of beautiful woodlands, parks, and nature preserves. Only a few hours from New York City, it is a great place to get away for a weekend and discover what nature has to offer.

The Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area is nestled between the Shawagunk and Catskill Mountains, and consists of over 3000 acres of wetlands. It is a natural wetlands, restored in the 1970’s by the DEC. It offers a wide range of scenery and activities. You can park on Haven Rd for an amazing view of the wide expanse of water surrounded by mountain ranges, or you can hike down one of the many trails through lush forests and waterside promenades full of wildflowers. Bring a canoe or kayak to explore places only accessible by water. The Catskill region is known for excellent trout fishing, but there are also over 30 species of fish in the water, and acres of shoreline to fish from, although the best spots are in a boat.

The Basha Kill is a haven for bird watchers, and there are small tours available. Over 220 species of birds have been sighted, including the great blue heron, eagles, ducks, hawks, and numerous songbirds. The area is also home to at least 200 species of native wildflowers.

One of the best things about the Basha Kill is that it is never too crowded. It is one of the lesser known wildlife areas, and combined with the vast area to explore, you can often hike an entire trail only meeting one or two people.

If quiet nature trips are something you enjoy, consider a visit to the Basha Kill region of New York State!
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  1. I love learning about places like this. It's on my list of new spots to check out. Thanks Arwen!

  2. Thank you Arwen. This is a lovely read about a beautiful, peaceful place so close to home.

  3. Wow, a little slice of heaven I never knew about. Thanx for sharing!