Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Signposts and Guides for the Creative Life

"Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it. "  Dee Hock

When I was looking for quotes for this column I came across  one which caught my attention,  but the author was totally unknown to me, so I looked him up.  Turns out he is someone with some authority to make  such a comment.

According to Wikpedia he is the founder of Visa and after spending 16 years in management there he withdrew from the business world for almost 10 years.  Then in 1991 he gave an acceptance speech for his Business Hall of Fame induction, saying "Through the years I have greatly feared and sought to keep at bay the four beasts that inevitably devour their keeper - Ego, Envy, Avarice, and Ambition.  In 1984 I severed all connections with business for a life of isolation and anonymity, convinced I was making a great bargain by trading money for time, position for liberty, and ego for contentment - that the beasts were securely caged."

It sounds to me as though his whole life has been dedicated to creativity.  As I look through some of the blogs that people have written about him and his later books, I have become intrigued.  So was this time of withdrawal a cleaning out of the mind that he refers to?  Or was that an earlier statement? Something brought him back out of isolation.  I don't usually read books about business  or business leaders, even though I know there may be value in these stories.  But I think I have to go find one of his books.  I'll let you know what I think when I do.  Or maybe you'll beat me to it.


  1. What an intriguing story and to give it all up in '84, the height of capitalism and making money! Good find Becky!

  2. Very interesting indeed! I'm keen to know what you think of his book when you find one.

  3. Sounds really interesting. I'll have to check him out.

  4. Yes, interesting and it puzzles me somewhat why so often people seem to think creativity and business should be mutually exclusive.I will have to find out what drew him back as well. Thanks!