Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Signposts and Guides for the Creative Life

We are surrounded by signposts and guides for the creative life.   Beside the sampling of quotes from well known people that I've been sharing over the past six months, you will be aware of the limitless resources in your own circle - family, nature, friends, books, movies, music.  Sometimes it's a good idea to explore beyond your circles, too - to really get a sense of the abundance that is out there.  We will each gravitate to certain kinds of messages and messengers, and trying new things will help you learn what it is that you find most helpful.

We spent New Year's eve with friends, talking, eating, singing, playing old folk songs.  But on New Year's Day we attended a wonderful concert in Kingston organized by Amy McTear:  the 2013 New Year's Day Community Harmonic Choir.  The space was beautiful, the participants dressed in white adding to the ethereal atmosphere.  It was a very different concert experience for us, with gong, drums, guitars, flute, digeridoo, singing bowls, and gorgeous haunting chant.  The audience was invited to join in whenever they felt comfortable doing so.  There was a pattern to the evening related to the breath: focus on exhaling to release sorrow, pain, waiting in stillness, then building to a celebration with focus on inhalation.   It was a moving way to start the new year.   Rather than making resolutions, I liked her emphasis on setting intentions regarding who you want to be in the new year.

Here is a quote from her Life Creed that she recited at one point:  "My inner lover knows I am on a holy mission, a grand treasure hunt of finding out through what I love, what I have come to offer."

As you create yourself  in this new year, may you be alert to the clues offered by your passions, may these guide you in your journey.


  1. What a beautiful sounding event and such a contrast to what we normally associate New Year's with, thanks Becky!

  2. Beautiful Becky! Thanks so much for sharing. I like that quote because it's a calmer, gentler way to look at renewal in the new year.