Saturday, December 8, 2012

Signposts and Guides for the Creative Life

"There is no one definitive creative path.  There are many ways to be creative - not only intuitive ways but organized, logical ways, too. "  Theresa Bayer

We limit our ourselves when we judge that our right brain  activity is the creative stuff.  That's only half of our power.  Now there are some of us who might live more to the right, others are more comfortable and blessed in the left - most of us will find that as individuals,  combinations of intuitive and logical faculties are pretty essential.

I see people coming through my shows who are apologetic about their "creative" abilities " - "I'm not an artist", "I never was able to paint", "I can't play the piano", " You all are so creative".  And you want to ask "What do you do? What excites you, What makes you feel alive?  When do you feel satisfaction in your days?"

I believe that we need to pay attention to our gifts, to recognize them, honor them, share them.  And to not compare them - we are all essential.  We all have the potential to be creative.  

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