Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Signposts and Guides for the Creative Life

"The only hope Mother Earth has for survival is our recovering creativity - which is of course, our divine power.  Creativity is so satisfying, so important, not because it produces something but because the process is cosmological.  There's joy and delight in giving birth."  Matthew Fox

In this last week of the  year it is all too apparent that our world is suffering.  We watch the erosion of  consideration, compassion, the environment, values, and sometimes feel hopeless, that things have gone too far, that perhaps we can't recover.  Matthew Fox's words are encouraging.    They remind me of that popular fund raising technique we hear on the radio when they say, "Make your contribution  within the next half hour and we have an anonymous donor who will match what you give."   We have experienced our own small successes when we've lived out our individual and communal creativity; as we look to the new year, what will you birth into being?  What deserves your attention, your nourishment?  Trust that whatever you "donate" will be matched in surprising ways.

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