Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have You Seen This?

I really dislike all the plastic, manufactured junk that is on the market for kids, particularly for babies.  First of all, it probably comes from that country that sells poison baby formula to its own citizens but more importantly, we want our new little people to wake up to the tactile nature of the world and experience the luxury of having senses.

When I saw these teething rings I went wild for them!  The colors draw you in to want to touch, to feel the smoothness of the wood and the downiness of the yarn.  I want to know what they feel like - for that matter, I wouldn't mind putting them in my own mouth!  I particularly love this orange and grey set (I'm the mom of a boy so they look like the baby colors I would have been drawn to, back in the day) but they come in other whispery colors to suit any young one.

                  Orange & Grey Hand-Crocheted Wooden Rings

Made of cotton, natural wood (with a coat of food grade bees wax) that is hand finished, they can be put in the washing machine in the organic cotton bag that they come with.  This fine quality item is the creation of Nina Link, of Red Hook, NY who is a mom who comes from a legacy of artists, artisans, designers and crafters.  Her shop is mimiandlu and apparently her 3 "alarmingly well behaved children", (her words) allow her the breathing room to create these serene, safe and aesthetically pleasing natural teething rings.


  1. Thank you so much, Neely! What a great surprise this was.

    (Just to set the record straight: the "alarmingly well-behaved children" line was tongue-in-cheek. They're cute, though, so I plan to keep them.)

  2. Love these teething rings. It's so wonderful to have lovely and safe alternatives to the plastic poisonous junk out there.