Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Craft Fair Displays Part Four

More Ideas from Crafts at Lyndhurst and Others

Jill Chuckas of Crafty Baby has long experience as a small business woman and craft fair seller.  I enjoyed her use of old baby furniture in her display, and the loads of color and comfort in her wares.  There even a cot on the right showing off her blankets - the sort of cots daycare centers provide for their toddlers to take naps - along with a toy chest, old cradle, and room screens. 

The great modern fabrics she uses make me wish I still had little ones to buy for.

I've been a frequent attendee at the Lyndhurst Crafts Fair and this was the first time I'd seen Kristin's work, and I was blown away by her craft.  Kristin had come up all the way from Florida with this lovely and cohesive shop.

Kristin's husband has a love of ship salvage, and her industrial looking display is actually old rusted wrenches - you place the wrench on a giant bolt and poke an bar in the holes to turn it.  The rusty color goes with her orange color scheme and makes a great contrast with the finish and detail of her jewelry.  The rings here are actually her daughter's work.  A talented family.

I couldn't take pictures of her amazing work without reflections, and her shop was super busy!

That's it for the Lyndhurst displays.  Here is my own display, set up in Cape Cod during the summer.  It consists of two folding bookcases from Target, a raised folding plastic 6' table with white bead board panels screwed into the front.  I display some of my prints with stones that have a slot cut into them (stones ordered on Etsy.)  Though I get a lot of compliments on how my display looked, I think it's a complicated set up and am looking to simplify my shop for fairs.

Last but not least, a beautiful holiday display by Rosi Zingales last year in New York.

I hope everyone gets some new ideas on improving their displays!  Please let me know if you see something interesting and commendable, so we can share.


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  1. Really great article and I love your display! It looks so appropriate to what you are creating.