Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Have You Seen This?


Okay, I confess.  I am an old hippie and I'm a sucker for a peace sign.  Wren Willow's  take on the peace sign makes my heart sing!  Marla, owner and artist of Wren Willow has incorporated the blissful state of peace and with a rooted, leafy tree creating an emblem of peace through harmony with the earth..  Marla makes hand screened tees, onesies, tot dresses and other cute things from her own drawings and uses the most earth friendly cottons and inks available to produce her unique, happy products. 

This green is a perfect tender green bringing to mind, new leaves, spring and early apples.  What better background for her eco emblem of love and harmony on our planet!  Marla has a dizzying quantity of original designs and a seemingly endless choice of tasty colors in a round up of combinations.  Go to her store.  Flip through her merchandise and you will find choosing only one nearly impossible.  Just when you think you have found your favorite, you flip to the next page and you find another favorite!  Marla's tees are not your run of the mill t-shirts.  Wren Willow is a little piece of heaven for t-shirt aficionados!


  1. Love all of the designs @ Wren Willow and cotton used is incredibly soft.
    Beautiful writing Neely!

  2. AWEsome design and shirt Wren!! Such a sweet post Neely!!