Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have You Seen This?

There are a few stories in literature that continue to inspire the imaginations of artists across time and  Alice in Wonderland is one of them.  When those visions are successful they just scream artistry.  That's how I feel about this Alice from knotbygranma.  Look at her!  She's zany, crazy, beautiful - a totem to the entire story!  On the base, the Cheshire Cat then the hookah smoking caterpillar holding Alice's head that is clearly struggling with the complicated reality that is down the rabbit hole.  Decked out with the Mad Hatter's hat and a heart charm from the Queen. This is an art doll worthy of any collector's cabinet.  I love the humor, the bright colors and textures and just how much pure fun this piece exudes.  And by the way, just between us, I feel how she looks more often than I'd like to admit.