Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ode To Mom 2

The women in my family have always been in to making things by hand, whether out of routine, necessity, or fun. My gran (mother's mom) passed on some incredible recipes down to the generations, she also taught my mom to sew and knit, which she passed on to me. My mother has always embraced the arts and creativity. I remember spending so many hours drawing, painting and creating with my mom and siblings. It was very much an interactive activity. Now that I make jewelry, my mom has been incredibly supportive. On my most recent trip to visit the parental units in DC, she handed over several bags of goodies: new and vintage beads, vintage jewelry that belonged to my other gran, and antique keys. She's also planning on hosting one of my jewelry parties! I have nothing but love and gratitude for my mom. ~ Judy from JSWMetalWorks

Being one of 5 children, I always felt a special bond with my Mommy. She and I shared a love for creating and it's still something that connects us today. My mom has always the most extraordinary quilts. I remember growing up she was constantly at her sewing machine making quilts for our beds, the couch or even mini versions for my baby dolls. About 6 years ago we both fell head over heels for scrapbooking. We both loved the idea of being creative while capturing our memories (and we LOVED buying new scrapbook products, too). I think my wonderful relationship with my mother was the reason I really wanted to be a mommy myself. She nurtured me to use my imagination and to be proud of my creativity. I still talk to her everyday and she is by far my biggest cheerleader for my jewelry designs and anything else I try. ~ Libby from BlondeChick

Mom bought me books full of craft projects. Lots of popcicle stick projects which were not as easy to pull off back in the days of no Michaels. I managed though and sooner than my mother would have liked, I needed another book because I had completed all the crafts in the book I had. She found this annoying, I found it frustrating. Grandma saved the day. She began to teach me the real deal. It began with crochet. She thought beginning with one needle was best for little hands. I would sit on her left, real close, and would follow her patient demonstrations. She was a good teacher and I was a better student. ~ Neely from NellsBelles

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