Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Green Thumb with NellesBelles

When she's not creating pretty mosaic pieces and creating jewelry, Neely from NellesBelles shares her gardening story....

I've lived in my house for 10 years now, which is long enough to have trees and gardens that have finally matured and taken on a life of their own. The stone walls I have built with my own hands now marry into the soil and root systems. My "little" pink dogwood is now a 10 foot beauty and my modest Japanese Red Maple is beauty with an 8 foot wingspan. My bell-shaped flower garden requires little of me except to beat back the more aggressive growers and not allow them to bully the more delicate specimen.

Last year my husband and I put up a fence and put in 2 4x10 raised beds for veggies. Today we put the garden in and it is lush with multiple kinds of lettuce, salad greens, 2 kinds of kale, collards and chard. There are carrots, pole beans and cukes. My herbs live in huge terra cotta pots on the deck. This year I had to put my tomatoes in pots on the deck as well as I was hard-struck by the tomato blight last year. The Cornell Extension said I should not plant potatoes or tomatoes in that soil for 4 years so I am embarking on the new endeavor of tomatoes in containers. Growing your own food gives one a feeling of wholeness and a sense of being "at one with" like nothing else I know!


  1. Beautiful Neely! Very impressive. I garden also & I can appreciate the work & patience getting to this wonderful point with your garden. I am planning on blogging about my front garden as soon as I get time. I am very excited to share pics of my Lupines that finally bloomed 3 yrs after planting them. They were worth the wait :)

  2. Thanks Debi! I do love my gardens. When I was in Maine last summer I was doing some work for a friend who has a store up there and Lupines are a wildflower there. They are EVERYWHERE. I became hyper aware of them and am glad you are finally able to enjoy yours! Cheers, Neely