Monday, January 5, 2015

Nurturing Creativity while Running a Business

One of my business goals for 2015 is to set aside 2-3 hours each week to make "things" without worrying about finishing it, selling it, or promoting it. This might mean a few of my other goals take longer to complete (building out my About page on Etsy, getting my website up and running after a 2 year hiatus, using Instagram for marketing), but I think making time for creativity will spill into the business side of things and bring greater success - not to mention happiness!

I'm out of practice when it comes to simply enjoying the process of making things and not worrying about if it will sell. I haven't totally figured out how to get over this hump so for now I'm just trying new things.

Last night a friend of mine hosted a gathering to make vision boards. Over 20 of us showed up and we started with a meditation and then just went crazy on the pile of magazines. Honestly I still don't totally understand how to make a vision board or how to use a vision board, I am so creatively blocked that I found myself ripping out images and words that would look good together so I could show it off on Instagram. It looked good, but it wasn't authentic so I tore them off my poster board and started over.

The woman next to me brought a Marimekko magazine and once I got my hands on images of their patterns the flood gates opened. I was able to tap memories of being a middle school kid making collages and suddenly it started to make sense.

My vision board is still a work in progress, I had to go home to start dinner and tend to my sick toddler, but I also wanted to leave some room so that I can add more later this week when I take time to create freely. I'll keep everyone updated as I find new ways to spend my creative hours. If you have any ideas or want to share what works for you I'd love to hear them!

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