Monday, November 10, 2014

In My Studio: How to make a Family Photo Wall

After a wonderful summer family photo shoot I finally got around to hanging some of the photos along with some old favorites. I thought I would share with you how I went about doing it and the final results.

1) Firstly I looked at the space which I wanted to hang the photos and decided I wanted to hang nine photos in a square formation.

2) Next I looked through my files of pictures and made a selection of photos I liked. I made a folder of possible photos to use.

3) I then looked at the shortlisted folder to see if there was a common color running throughout the collection. Selecting a common color such as this will make for a more cohesive collection and more pleasing results. Looking at my folder of photos I saw that a common color shared by some of the photos was red. The photos that did not have any red in I decided to print out in black and white instead.

Grid marked on a piece of paper
4) I wanted to frame the pictures in very simply clip frames which do not have a border. I ordered these from Quadro Frames which offered a good range of sizes, I went for a pack of 10 x10 inch frames.

5) I downloaded my selected photos onto Mpix as this website offered 10 x 10 as a standard size. I cropped the photos to become squares during the ordering process. For the photos I would be printing in color I selected the Fuji Pearl finish which gives the pictures a gorgeous pearlised sheen. I selected black and white for the photos which did not fit into my color story.

Grid taped to the wall in the correct position
6) After receiving my frames and photos in the mail and putting them together I then marked a grid on a large piece of paper. This grid showed each frame in an exact square formation with the same width between each photo.

7) I taped this on the wall ensuring that the top line was exactly horizontal using a spirit level. I then hammered in the picture hooks through the paper.

8) When all the tacks were in place I ripped the paper off and hung the pictures up.

9) I moved them around and tried different orders before I settled on the final layout:

I was very pleased with the results and wondering which wall to tackle next.......

Good Luck and Good Making!

Sarah Omura
So Handmade

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