Monday, October 27, 2014

Finding Artistic Inspiration in the Hudson Valley

In northern Dutchess county there are several locations that offer breathtaking scenery. To find serenity, solitude, and artistic inspiration, here are a few suggestions;

  1. Poets Walk, River Road, Red Hook, NY

    This park has 2 miles of trails through the woods and meadows, and offers scenic views of the 
    Hudson River. Along the trails you will find rustic cedar pavilions, footbridges, and benches.
    Bring a camera, a sketch pad, or paints, to capture the beautiful scenery. 

2. Mills Mansion, Staatsburgh, NY
A Greek revival mansion sits on the top of a grassy hill offering stunning views of the Hudson River. Tours of the mansion are only available through November. The miles of trails are open year round. You can choose to walk along trails in the woods, or a narrow trail that winds along the Hudson. Both trails provide views of the river, and you can find much inspiration.

3. Vanderbilt Mansion, Rt. 9, Hyde Park, NY

The mansion is surrounded by 200 preserved acres from the original mansion. There is an     extensive rose garden which is magnificent in season. There are wooden trails, and a paved road that leads right to the Hudson River. There are benches, where you can sit, ponder, dream, and gain inspiration.

There is inspiration to be found in any season, here in northern Dutchess county.

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