Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vacation time!

I am getting ready for a trip to the cape.  I will enjoy strolling the towns, hanging on the beach, and leisure activities. Here's the packing list:

1. The bag, you have to have a great bag. The key is big enough for a towel but light enough that you can walk for miles with it. The Handmade Beach Tote with vintage fabric is perfect for this job.

2. Keys, I will have keys, room keys, car keys, locker keys, and I don't want to lose them.  I think shiny metal that clangs in the bag and shines on the ground is a security for not leaving them behind. The Trio of Metal Keychain will do this and I can personalized it to remember my vacation.

3. I hope to have my bathing suit on most of the time enjoying the water and the beach, however when I want to walk into town and eat or stroll the stores, I want to throw on a cute dress like the meerwiibli scalloped hearts dress.

4.Vanity, can't forget my vanity.  I need a lovely necklace to wear on vacation.  Anchors away with the Achor Charm Necklace.

5. When I have watched enough people on the shore and finished my romantic novel,  I can catch up on some knitting for my fall wardrobe. Check out Hand spun Merino worsted weight singles Yarn - Tears of a Clown

6. A big beach bag needs a pouch to separate the small things, or to carry around when I don't need the bag.  Zipper Pouch Medium- Marimekko Colorful Squares is great happy colors and easy to find in my bag.

7. I burn, the sun just cooks my skin. I like to have a soft t-shirt to cover my shoulders.  Hell Yes Ice Cream. Women's V-neck keeps me protected and also express my attitude on vacation.

8. Salty water, hot sun...don't forget the lip balm, Ultimate Healing or Orange Delight Lip Balm.

9. Peony Coin Purse keeps your change from gathering at the bottom of your bag.  It also keeps the change handy for parking meters, swim lockers, and vending machines.

10. I am hoping to stay outside through the sunsets and into the bonfires.  I don't want to let the bugs scare me away. Bug away spray will do the trick!

What are you bringing?

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