Monday, June 23, 2014

The Neversink River Unique Area

A shaded forest path full of pine trees and beautiful mountain laurels leads the way down to the water at the Neversink River Unique Area in Sullivan County. This state area is a beautiful place to hike and fish, only a few hours from New York City in the town of Thompson. Its 4881 acres consist of varied forest habitat along the Neversink river, including jungle like sections of mountain laurel that have beautiful blooms in the late spring, tall pine forests, and birch trees dotting the riverside.
The river is a popular destination for fly fishermen. Fairly wide and swift, the best spot is to wade out in the middle, but there are also plenty of spots to fish from the shore. Wander down the mossy banks and you’ll come across huge, impressive rock formations, as well as old mossy rock walls formed long ago. The sunny banks are full of butterflies, and a wide array of songbirds call through the trees.

The easiest access point is the small parking area at the end of Katrina Falls Road. There is a bit of a hike to get down to the river, along a rocky downhill path. There are several connecting trails that are marked through the woods, with plenty of areas to explore. The Mullet Brook trail will bring you to a beautiful waterfall. There is no camping allowed, so don’t expect to stay overnight. The fishing is catch and release only, and they want you to use only artificial lures.

The Neversink Area is a small hidden treasure near the Catskills. Its location and many acres ensure that it’s never too crowded. If you are looking for a peaceful forest hike, or some excellent trout fishing, this is the perfect spot!

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