Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

I can't think of a more pleasant holiday to celebrate the last day of January than one that encourages us to get inspired by art.  The beauty of handmade crafts found on Etsy reminds me that art comes in many different forms and inspiration can hit us when we least expect it!

Here is some art that has inspired my heart, courtesy of some of our Hudson Valley Etsy Team members.

Tentacle Ballet Monster Art Doll by knotbygranma on Etsy

Shabby Chic Pink Flower Brocade Masquerade Ball Mask by DaraGallery on Etsy

Armed and Dangerous - Dark Alice in Wonderland Fine Art Photography Print by Jen Kiaba Photography on Etsy

Sweet Sixteen Angel Wing and Heart Double Wrap Bracelet by CharmsofFaith on Etsy

Sasquash Men's T-Shirt by TheShayskiShop on Etsy

Vintage Art Deco/ Postcubist 1920s Wedding Invitation Set by silentlyscreaming on Etsy

Muscle Rub by medicinegardens on Etsy

What art inspires YOUR heart?


  1. How fun! And that mask is really gorgeous!

  2. I know, I had fun with this one! We have some seriously talented HVNY Team members.