Monday, November 25, 2013

Coping with the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a wonderful time.  Love, Giving and Thanks.  A chance to see our families.  For some this is a magical time, for others it is full of stress and grief   The host has to round his or her troops and begin the planning for the grand gala. The guests are preparing for all the dynamics of their relationships that built up or tumbled down during the year.  A little strategizing can land you some survival gear for those rough holiday moments.
1. Do you have that relative who always has a controversial point, likes to stir the pot, rev your engine? Here's the solution. Throw in the towel before the melee even gets going. Go in conciliatory wearing this shirt from The ShaySki Shop.

2. Does your sister-in-law lack that passion in her home cooking? Bring the Rockerbox Garlic 3 Jar gift pack and slide it into those bland potatoes. As the smell of overcooked veggies and charred pies engulfs the house, save the mood by using Comfort and Joy Soap Co Cinnamon Clove Home Fragrance oil.

3.  Holiday stress is all about psychology. If you feel your mental state will be challenged, hang a mantra to study before you go into the fray: Keep Calm and Shine on. Hang another for constant reference throughout the season or post-holiday recovery -- Life Really is Wonderful.  Both from Silently Screaming Designs.

4. Prepare for the holiday love you didn't get when your girlfriend made other plans and your parents opted for the cruise. Go home and devour some Vanilla Almond Toffee with Hawaiian Red Salt or Mexican Chocolate Mmmallow-hand crafted Marshmallow, both from the Catskill Candy Co. while cuddling in the Yellows to Reds Quilt by For Comfort Quilts.

5.Did you come home feeling a bit blah from the whole experience? Cleanse and invigorate using the Ginger Citrus Organic Salt Scrub from Beyond the Picket Fence, or calm and relax yourself with a cup of a Relaxing Herbal Tea Blend from Medicine Gardens.

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