Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Craft Tutorial: A Burlap Wreath For Your Home

Time for fall decorating. I saw this idea on Pinterest I think...
Every thing can be found at Hobby Lobby. I picked out the medium wire wreath, it measures about 16" across. the important thing is that it have the three wire rings. The burlap ribbon come in many different colors and patterns but I just wanted basic old burlap.
You start by pushing the tail end of the ribbon through one of the sections of wire. I started in the one closest to the inside of the wreath.

Then it's just a simple matter of pulling up loops of burlap and alternating back and forth through the wire rings.

I put about six loops of burlap in each section of  the wreath there were six sections in all. Just continue around till it's nicely filled. Each loop is about 3". I did need two rolls of ribbon and I already had the silk sunflower to decorate it with. But different berries or ribbons would look beautiful.

Welcome Fall!

Susan from Digilio Designs


  1. Love this so much! This is great Susan! =D

  2. What a great idea, and inexpensive, too!
    Thank you for your demonstration....Please do more. Do you ever have workshops at your building in Hudson?

  3. Thank you all! I do have a few more that I am working on....:)
    Valerie I don't work out of the Hudson Office just my home studio but thank you for inquiring.