Monday, July 1, 2013

In: Studio Esopus

Ruth Lancer of Studio Esopus

Just off the busy 9W in Esopus is an art lovers paradise. Studio Esopus offers a brand new venue for crafty and art loving kids and adults alike to take part in classes, summer camps, birthday parties, workshops and even hosting pop-up shops.

The new studio was opened in February 2013  by Ruth Lancer. Ruth was born into a creative family and grew up knowing art would be a part of her future. She has been pursuing her passion as a certified Elementary Art Teacher in the Hudson Valley for the past 10 years. As a life-long resident of Esopus, now she is excited to spread the art in her hometown community as well.

Ruth offers regular art classes for young artists and during the summer Studio Esopus is also offering art camps. Visual arts classes range from painting and drawing to collage, printmaking and sculpture. Studio Esopus likes to be Eco friendly- recycle, reuse, restore, replenish and up cycle.

So far one of the most popular events held at the Studio have been the themed and personalized birthday parties, the venue has proved perfect for hosting the children's special celebration with themed parties and corresponding craft activities that have included Angry Birds, American Doll, Mickey Mouse and Star Wars.
A tote bag decorating party held at the Studio recently
I was lucky enough to attend a brunch held at the studio recently organized by a local Moms groups. The local Moms who attended not only had a kid free morning but also got to eat a delicious brunch and show their creative sides by making scarves out of repurposed t-shirts.

In a wonderfully central location Studio Esopus can be used as a precious resource for local artists and crafters. Ruth is very happy for the studio to be used as meeting place, pop-up shop, for any workshops or as teaching location.

For more information please contact:

Ruth Lancer
Studio Esopus
830 9W
Esopus, NY
tel: 845 532 2280

Good Luck and Good Making!

by Sarah Omura, SO Handmade

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