Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meet Our Newest Blogger: So Handmade

Back in November you met the team's bloggers. Today we introduce latest contributor to the blog - Sarah from So Handmade!  Sarah started a new feature In My Studio. Her first post was last month: In My Studio: Organizing

SO handmade is a local arts and crafts business producing unique merchandise which combines mixed media with sewing and painting in a whimsical style.

SO handmade is run by Sarah Omura who lives in Connelly, NY with her husband and young son. Sarah is British and attended Loughborough College of Art and Design in the UK before moving to London to work with renowned interior decorator Nina Campbell. Sarah designed furnishing fabrics and wallpapers for the Nina Campbell brand- distributed by Osborne and Little for 6 years until 2004.
Sarah then embarked on a 6 year stint volunteering in Namibia in Southern Africa where she worked with local communities to design and develop products for the burgeoning tourism industry. The colors, fabrics and crafts she worked with in Africa has greatly inspired much of her work today

In setting up SO handmade Sarah wanted to explore a mixture of media combining fabrics, recycled materials and textures with a variety of different paints to achieve the finished pieces.


  1. Enjoyed reading about Sarah's interesting background. Can see the influences on her engaging designs!

  2. Those are great looking aprons! So fun!