Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday

Hello, this is Shannon from For My Sweet Daughter sharing what I made for Inspiration Wednesday.

Here is the Design Seeds color palette I chose last week:

frost tones

Here are the pieces I was inspired to make:

I went for a nautical theme using vintage lucite, silk, these fun knot patterned beads and brass findings.

Were you inspired by the color palette? Be sure to share the link to your listing or blogpost in the comment section below.

Here is the next color palette:
chi tones

Here are some items made by HVNY Team members for inspiration:
Handspun Merino Yarn by the Knit Chix

Brown Hooded Rat with Flowers by Drusilla Kehl

Pink and Chocolate Sprinkle Pendant by aStudiobytheSea
Make an item or choose materials inspired by the palette and write a blog post about it, post the item for sale, or post the item on your website. Add the link to your blog post, shop or website in the comments next week - the 25th.

The only rule is that if you use the Design-Seeds palette you must link directly to the Design-Seeds website.

I can't wait to see what you make!
Have an inspired Wednesday!
See you next week,


  1. Very pretty Shannon. I like the knot beads.
    I will try to make something using the new color palette this week. I thought I had to use ALL of the colors in the palette. That's why I didn't make anything this week.

  2. Beautiful work Shannon! I wish I could be around this weekend because I LOVE this week's colors (and the dog is cute too!) but I'll be away. Can't wait to see some more! :)

  3. Love the knot beads Shannon and the new colors, hopefully I can get to participate this week!

  4. Shannon, I love your inspiration pieces. So pretty!

    Here's my inspiration piece:

  5. These pieces are so pretty, Shannon. I did paint a couple of small aceo backgrounds but didn't complete them. Will post them if I do!

  6. Nope you don't have to use all the colors. This is just a jumping off point for inspiration. You don't even have to use the colors and just go by the photo. Just be inspired!
    Thanks so much Debi, Jess, Marilyn, Susan, Lisa and Becky!
    Lisa your earrings are so pretty! Thanks for talking about the post in your listing too :-)
    Becky post whenever you get around to it! these are just for inspiration and you don't have to finish a project. There really are no rules!
    Thanks everyone for stopping by this week :-)

  7. Very pretty. Love the unusual beads.

  8. Hard to keep up with this, but I think I've got something to post as soon as I photograph it. Thanks.

  9. Thanks everyone. I love this Inspiration Wednesday idea. It's getting me to think outside the box (and look at the bottom of my many boxes of beads!).