Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To Twitter For Etsy!

Having an online shop isn't just setting up shop, posting your items and walk away.  If you sell online, you  have to have a presence ONLINE!  This can be through a blog, a Facebook page, Pinterest, Tumblr, or my favorite - Twitter.

If you have an Etsy shop but you're still not quite into the whole Twitter thing, it's ok, let's hold hands. Allow me to walk you through how Twitter can be your friend and bring views to your Etsy items and shop.

First you must have a Twitter account because you'll need one to sync with your Etsy shop under your Account settings.

You may already notice that every listing on Etsy has a Twitter button....

This button is actually for anyone to use, it allows a person to tweet your item.  When you click that button, a pop-up window appears

You can even tweet your own items from your shop to appear in your Twitter followers feed.  This is what I do when I renew a listing.  When I add a brand new item to my shop, it is the first thing I do after I hit that "publish" button.

If you're ready to get started in the world of Twitter, just jump right in! Start following people - because I'm sure you know people with Twitter accounts.  The more you follow, the more you'll get follows back.  You can even follow the Hudson Valley Etsy Team at @HVNYTeam

Share your Twitter link with your friends and family.  Don't feel like you have to tweet something constantly, you can keep it strictly shop-related, like a flash-newsletter in 140 characters or get chatty like I do.  Etsy encourages their sellers to tell their story and help customers get to know the person behind the shop - Twitter is a great tool to do just that and still control just how much you wish to share about yourself.  See you in the Twitterverse!

Another great resource to check out: Etsy's Guide To Twitter


  1. Thanks for the great advice, this was a really helpful post!

  2. Really great - I've gotten away from twitter - this makes it very easy. Thanks, Marilyn!

  3. Wait until you see me share my Hootsuite post - it will blow your mind! =D

  4. Thanks Marilyn. I have scratched my head over how to use Twitter. This is a big help!

  5. I don' have an Etsy just yet as I'm still exploring my options but I wonder if there is word on the best times to post Tweets? I find little interest even when I Tweet product photos using Instagram most days. This is a great post none the less and I'm glad I found this group.

  6. It's really hard to say when the best times. I tweet throughout the day, sometimes it gets noticed, othertimes not. There's also the factor of time differences too. And use hashtags when possible. :)