Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have You Seen This?

I know most people are wistful about letting summer go.  I on the other hand gladly wave goodbye and look eagerly toward the first cold snap of fall.  I love everything about fall - the change of light as the sun drops lower in the sky, the color blast of the changing leaves, the invigorating cooler air... Most of all, I love the wardrobe change.  Yes, it's true.  Given the choice between a cozy, soft, over sized sweater or a cotton tank top, I'll take the sweater, hands down.  And as much as I love the colors of the changing landscape, I adore the charcoals, blacks, browns, navys, greys, reds, yellows and all colors of coats and hats and gloves and all garments toasty.  Even better, these clothes beg for fabulous accessories. 

Well here it is.  The minute I saw this neckwarmer, I wanted to get my coat out, toss this beautiful yellow and grey (one of my most favorite color combos) cowl on and take the dogs for a walk in the woods.  Or maybe,wear it with my sweatercoat and take off for a day strolling the city.  What's better than layers when you are going in and out of doors in the city?  This gorgeous item is by TickledPinkKnits and I can just feel this silky blend of fibers brushing against my chilly chin.  Don't you just love this piece?


  1. I can feel Autumn in the air. Wonderful article!

  2. Oh, Neely, thank you SO much for this lovely post -- your reflections on the season echo my own sentiments perfectly. And what a treat to have my neckwarmer featured! Thank you kindly!