Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have You Seen This?

This summer, iced coffee has been the beverage of choice in my house.  Cold, strong coffee with some creamy milk and a couple of spoons full of sugar.  For a few relaxing moments, it's not so hot outside.  I saw this creamer/sugar set and imagined how happy I would be to see them sitting next to a tall glass of java.  The yellow glaze is so pleasing and the shapes seem they would fit nicely in my hand.  Ceruleanblue pottery in Beacon, New York makes elegantly simple everyday items.  The glazes have a purity of color and sheen that instantly makes you want to touch them.  The shapes live somewhere between Asian design and American kitchen vintage.  For me, they are emotional pieces.

But back to that coffee.  I have a great dark roasted Ethiopian Sumatra/Mocha Java blend.  How many sugars for you?  (A little tip:  Put unused coffee in ice trays and freeze them.  By using frozen coffee ice cubes instead of frozen water your coffee becomes less deluted as the coffee ice melts.)

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