Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have You Seen This?

The clean, delicacy of these decoupaged images are sensuous and eye catching.  The simplicity of the circular pendant and the focused design of the single images are striking.  I love vintage images and the fine lines and delicate detail are a gourmet treat for the eyes.  This black swan is a particular favorite of mine, I suppose because I wear a lot of black, but take a look at what else Retropage has to offer.  Red roses, golden jellyfish, song birds, complex patterns, animals and portraits of women of days gone by.  Some are pendants, some are ornaments and now Retropage offers 4x4 plaques.  Wood is decoupaged with fine paper and finished with quality varnish.  Sometimes simple is the most interesting and in this case it is so true.  I love these captivating images.  Find this item and more at

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