Thursday, April 21, 2011

Member Spotlight - Knot By Gran'ma

This week's spotlight is brought to you by Knot By Gran'ma

Tell us a little about yourself.My name is Jessica, and I prefer Jess. I'm originally from Somers, NY, did a stint in San Diego, CA and now live in Poughquag.

What is your professional background?I have been crocheting on and off all of my life, but got serious about it in 2002. I studied classical music in school and teach private music lessons on the weekends.

What led you to your current craft?I stopped working when I had my first kiddo and had to do something... or go crazy. :) I realized that I could crochet dolls (after a long process of trying to crochet everything else) and it makes me happy.

How do you feed your creativity?I try to work a little every day... as much as possible. Sketching is a big part, as are comics and cartoons for inspiration.

How do you work deal with a creative block?When the weather's nice, I tend to be in the garden when I hit a creative block. I'm also playing around with meditation and Reiki. Otherwise I just knit... which is so hard for me that it seems to clear my crochet brain to act as it should.

Describe your work area.Disaster zone... organized chaos...

Favorite time of day to work?Oddly, I get the most work done in the morning when the baby is up instead of the afternoon nap. I'm not a morning person, so maybe focusing on my dolls and crochet work works with that...

How did you end up on Etsy?I've been on Etsy forever. I joined shortly after they started off of a link of some weird computer forum I was visiting.

Other than your supplies & materials, what do you want with you on a stranded island?A laptop that plays music and has solitaire on it. Also a garden shovel and hoe.

Any guilty pleasures?Chocolate, Twitter (like it's my job!), cheesecake, bad movies... Wayne's World and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the one with Kristy Swanson) are amongst my favorites.

Words of wisdom for aspiring artists?Do what makes you happy.

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