Friday, March 18, 2011

Have You See This?

This column will be a new feature on our HVNY Etsy Team blog. Shining the spotlight on, one of the more than usually eye catching items, made by one of the talented artisans on this team.

There is something visceral about pin cushions for me. I grew up with Grandma's red strawberry pin cushion with little baby strawberry tassels dangling from its green leaf top. It was faded and made of that old type of cotton that was almost like muslin. I don't know what it was stuffed with but there was alway a faint sound, like sticking something in sand, that was made when you stuck a pin or a needle in it. I personally use a wrist cushion when I am sewing - but it is red!

When I saw this adorable eco-felt pin cushion I was swept back to childhood as my modern eye was delighted by it's whimsy. Half flower pot, half cupcake I just feel giggly at the idea of pins in this pincushion sitting on someone's sewing table. It comes from our own Muppetloon in Poughkeepsie, NY.

You have to see this!

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