Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soapers often have a lot of scraps, ends, dented bars...what to do with all of them??? We can make confetti soap. We can sell them as seconds. We can chuck them in the garbage.

However, what we should do is help support Clean The World. Their goal is save the millions of lives lost each year to acute lower-respiratory infection and illness by distributing recycled soap with the appropriate educational materials to sustain good personal hygiene practices. To do this they collect soap and shampoo scraps, rebatch it, sterilize it, and distribute to people that are in need.

Right now, they are moving supplies into Haiti. Clean the World is concentrating on moving hygiene products and medical supplies into the Haiti Relief Effort. You can help by donating funds and/or hygiene and medical products to Clean the World.

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  1. wow that sounds really great, what a worthwhile way to use up scraps